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Banana Jack is a great explorer of the wilderness. Jungle, desert, or mountains, there is no terrain Jack won’t explore. While on a remote island in the Caribbean, Banana Jack and his fellow explorers discovered a hidden treasure filled with silver and gold coins, and more jewels than Jack and his group had ever seen before in their lives. They spent most of the day carefully moving treasure to their camp to count just how many pieces they had found. Word of this spread quickly as no one had made a discovery this large in decades. That night while Banana Jack and his team celebrated their discovery, the evil Pirate Pete snuck on shore and stole the treasure! His pirate ship has been seen on the other side of the island, but we need your help to get Banana Jack’s treasure back!

Play the games and you could win tickets! Collect the tickets and go to the front to see what you can buy for the number of tickets you have won. Together we’ll be able to get all of Banana Jack’s treasure back!

Good Luck!


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